Charlotte Academy of Self-Mastery (Martial Arts Training & Self-defense)

Our Training Style



Here at CASM,  our mission statement is main focus is leadership development through the use of martial arts studies. 

We teach a combination of hard fist (blocks, kicks, punches and strikes), soft fist (takedowns, throws, wrist locks, submissions, and controls) through the use of American Kenpo Karate, Kempo-Jitsu, some Aikido, and th use and development of various weapon (i.e such as the Bo-Staff, & The Taboada Balintawak system.

The combination of teaching excellence, personal attention, character development, and effective methods result in ensuring each student reaches their maximum potential, are what sets CASM apart from other martial arts schools.

Our program is designed to bring out the greatest potential in each student, with our principle core values being  (i.e. Leadership, Discipline, Confidence, Respect, & Focus) thru the use of martial arts training.

Martial Arts Training Classes


CASM offers practical self-defense for  children, ages 5 and up, as well as adults. Our goal is to provide our members with classes that are challenging, both mentally & physically, while maintaining a relatively safe environment. 

American Kenpo Karate is an art designed to be fast and effective, to finish a fight on your feet, and to deal with multiple attackers. This combined with joint locks, throws, takedowns and submissions makes the self defense programs at CASM well rounded and very effective.

You will train progressively, learning small moves that compound into more complex moves. You will practice getting faster at these and find that you have choices in dangerous situations.

Training for your Black Belt can create significant changes in your life. Your muscles will ache, you will get bruised, and you will be stretched out. You'll get stronger and you'll move better. And you'll make new friends. 

Training Programs


Let our amazing kids program provide your child with the confidence needed to make positive decisions; enhance their athletic performance so that they may excel in sports; develop life and safety skills for a safer and more productive lifestyle; increase focus and concentration for better grades in school; instill an "I Can" attitude to take them through life with the mind set of a leader! 

Weapons Training

Further enhance your martial arts journey with the study of a weapon. Here at CASM,  our weapons training classes are fun & intense, yet have very real application. Unlock the martial arts training that will enhance your ability to protect yourself, while increasing your hand speed and accuracy


Witness and experience the true power of Kenpo Karate. Our exciting curriculum covers all the essential principles of health, fitness and personal defense. From striking to kicking, joint/locking to grappling, throws and takedowns; all areas of personal defense tactics are addressed and augmented with the use of Kenpo Karate

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